Is Medical Marijuana Right For me?

While Marijuana has proven to be effective for some patients it is not necessarily the best treatment for all patients. Medical Marijuana has its benefits and risks not unlike any other treatment you may have undertaken. Many patients may have tried multiple therapies (narcotics, sedatives, natural alternatives, etc.) with no success and have now turned to Marijuana for relief.

Many anecdotal reports concerning the therapeutic value of medical marijuana support the safety and efficacy of medical marijuana for therapeutic purposes.

While Marijuana has proven to be an effective alternative treatment option for some patients, it is not necessarily suitable for ALL patients. An appropriate medical assessment by a physician is required to determine whether medicinal marijuana should be considered as an alternate treatment.

Health Canada and health professionals alike advocate for medicinal marijuana to be vaporized or ingested as a means of harm reduction thereby eliminating the inhalation of potentially harmful smoke.

More information from Health Canada:

Medical marijuana has been helpful in relieving the symptoms of several conditions including:

• Arthritis

• Asthma, emphysema

• Acute and Chronic Pain

• Nausea secondary to Cancer (Chemotherapy)

• Digestive Problems (Crohns, colitis, IBS)

• Fibromyalgia

• Glaucoma and other intra-ocular disorders

• Hepatitis C

• HIV/Aids

• Insomnia and other sleep disorders

• Anxiety, Stress, Depression – Mental/emotional health issues

• Multiple Sclerosis

• Epilepsy, Parkinson’s

• Nausea and low appetite

This list is not exhaustive